Individual Communications and Electrical Services

A big shout out to our Gold Sponsor thanks heaps for your support – Individual Communications and Electrical Services.  ICES Services include: Electrical, Computer / Data Cabling, Telephone Cabling, Security / CCTV, Intercoms, Smart Wiring, MATV, Home Entertainment. 

Edge Orthodontics – Gold Sponsor

Now the holidays are here and you (hopefully) aren’t rushing as much, why not make an appointment for the kids and you at Edge Orthodontics. Edge recognise how hectic family life can be and fitting appointments in around school and work can be a struggle. That’s why they provide flexibility for patients with early morning and late evening appointments.  

Commemoration 75 Years! Mt Carmel School 1941-2016

Have you ‘liked’ the Mt Carmel School 75th Commemoration 1941-2016 Facebook Page.  Its a big year for Mt Carmel and the 75th Commemorations will have a presence at the Fete, showcasing old photos and some great memorabilia.