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Kids of all ages make sure you visit sideshow alley on the oval this fete.

2017 sees the return of some popular Fete favourites. We will have 9 AWESOME rides this year including:

Super Sizzler: More thrilling and faster than the Scrambler, the Super Sizzler spins your carriage backwards as well as forwards. (Child’s height restriction 1100mm or taller required to ride)

Roundup: The name is the clue, 30 riders stand against the wall of the ride, only thing to do is hang on, the ride starts spinning and the screaming gets louder, up it goes, round and round, feel the force pushing you back. (Child’s height restriction 1200mm or taller required to ride)

Laser Skirmish: The closest you will get to being in the Army.

Tribal Castle Giant Jumping Castle: Bounce around with your mates.

Giant Slide: The triple screamer: Race your friends down the Giant Slide.

Combo Castle with slide: A fun, bouncy castle for children aged four and under only.

Tea Cups: They’re back! Sit in a tea cup and be spun round and round and round …

Frog Hopper: This ride hops up and down like a frog. Suitable for all ages.

Rock Climbing Wall: Test your muscles and climb to the top of the rock climbing wall.

Up until 4pm 3 August 2017 you can get your discounted ride armbands for $28 each for a standard ride armband and $18 for a toddler armband. The more armbands you buy the cheaper they get! Your armband entitles you to unlimited rides all day.

Buy Your Ride Armbands Here Now!

On Fete day individual ride tickets can be purchased for $5 each and our armbands will be $40 each.